West Mesa Bone Collector

February 2009 a woman walking her dog found a human bone in West Mesa, Albuquerque, NM.   Although inner Albuquerque and some of the surrounding areas have greenery, the mesas outside of Albuquerque are mostly pure desert.  West Mesa is the same.  Although some areas included under the moniker “West Mesa” are developed areas now, even now (four years later) the area is mostly just sand.  At any rate, a lady from a nearby subdivision was walking her dog and found a human bone, reported it, and the subsequent investigation uncovered the remains of 11 individuals.  All of these women went missing from 2003-2005.  These individuals were later identified as:

Jamie Barela–15 (not a known prostitute nor drug user, last seen with her cousin Evelyn Salazar who was known for both)

Syllania Edwards–15 (from Lawton, OK–last seen in Aurora, CO possibly using working names of Mimi or Chocolate)(Syllania was the only African American victim)

Monica Candelaria–22

Cinnamon Elks–32

Victoria Chavez–26

Virginia Cloven–24

Michelle Valdez–22 (pregnant at time of death)

Doreen Marquez–24

Evelyn Salazar–27

Julie Neito–24

Veronica Romero–28

Except for Jamie Barela, all the victims have known tries to prostitution and drugs.  With the exception of Syllania Edwards (who is African American) and possibly Cinnamon Elks (ethnicity unsure) all the victims are thought to be Hispanic.  Except for Syllania Edwards (who was from Lawton, OK, and went missing from Aurora/Denver area) are from the Albuquerque area and presumably went missing from the Albuquerque area.

However, these are not the only missing women in Albuquerque.  Additional missing women include:

Vanessa Reed Lujan, 24 (missing since June 13, 2006)



Leah Rachel Peebles, 23 (missing since May 22, 2006) (not originally from Albuquerque, NM, had only been in NM just a few weeks when she disappeared, known heroin addict)

Shawntell Waites, 31 (missing since 2006–unknown exact date)


Nina Herron, 21 (missing since May 14, 2005)


Felipa Gonzales, 22 (Missing Since April 27, 2005)


Anna Vigil, 20 (Missing Since January 21, 2005)

Brenda Jeen Apalicio, 39 (Missing Since May 30, 2003)


Christine Julian, 30 (Missing Since April 3, 2003)

Jeanette Maria De La Cruz, 19 (Missing Since Oct. 20, 1999)

Betty Vigil Garcia, 34 (Missing Since December 25, 1998)


Teresa Reyes, 17 (Missing since July 1, 1998)



**NOTE:  Sephira Mora can still be found in some places listed as missing since 2008, but there are mugshots of her showing arrest in 2012.



2 thoughts on “West Mesa Bone Collector

  1. There’s no way this killer just stopped, unless he’s in jail or dead.
    Have you heard of any similar murders in the surrounding areas??…very scary. I hadn’t heard of this case till i read about it here.

    • There are lots of missing women from around here that were not accounted for in the remains found at West Mesa. There have been a few suspects, two that were looked at pretty closely and both of them are dead.

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