Long Island dismemberment older murders

These murders could be one offender, or they could be separate offenders of the ilk of one of the many serial offenders in this area over the years who favored dismemberment.  I am of the opinion that these bodies were not all placed where they were found but ended up clustered near each other through erosion and flooding over the years.  Any or all of these could be previously identified offender victims that are not known about.  In an interview for A and E Biography, Joel Rifkin was asked if there were more victims of his that no one knew about, if there were more bodies–and Joel Rifkin said:  “There are always more bodies.”

I think that this is a very profound statement and probably the most honest one that Mr. Rifkin ever spoke.  I do not believe that serial killers will ever tell anyone all of their victims and there were so many from the NY area who dismembered as part of their ritual that I honestly wonder if these will ever be solved.  


Long Island Serial Killer

My thoughts on the LISK are not in line with common opinions.  Firstly, many people (official and non-official) are coming from the position that all the bodies found on Long Island are from the work of one offender.  I am of the opinion that this is not so.  I am convinced that there are at least two offenders that comprise all those bodies, maybe more.   The older dismemberments I feel are one offender, the four girls at Gilgo I feel are one offender, and the Asian male and the child I just am not sure about.  I do not think that Shannan Gilbert was purposefully killed by anyone, serial killer or no.  I have seen nothing in any of the facts related to Shannan’s disappearance and tragic death that points to anything other than an accidental death most probably related to stimulant overdose.  I also do not think that the LISK (as I have defined him) is the same offender who killed the prostitutes from Atlantic City area found in Egg Harbor Township.

What I do believe about the LISK is the following:

He is not a serial killer per se, but an assassin type, meaning:  It is my belief that the LISK wanted these girls dead and he made him them dead.  I do not even pretend to know why.  Serial killers do not want their victims dead.  Though this is a common false belief.  Serial killers do not want their victims dead, death is just a side effect of getting what they do want.

I think that the LISK is very similar to someone like Israel Keyes, who did not consider himself a serial killer.

I think that the LISK is either a pilot or flies a lot, is former military or has had paramilitary training, and follows a strict diet and exercise regimen most of the time.  Also, even though guns were not used in these deaths, I would assume this offender would probably have a love of firearms and probably owns several that he has customized to his liking.

I think that in concerning the calls made to one of the victims’ sister, either a) the calls were not made by the killer, or b) the calls were purposefully done in a focused act of staging to mislead officials.

It is my opinion that there just are way too many inconsistencies for this to be a “simple” serial killer.