For them

This is for all the victims, all the women, men, and children who disappear and are victimized every single day.  But, this is especially for those five girls who have touched my heart.

Megan, Maureen, Melissa, Amber, and Shannon, I wrote this for you.

Mother Earth,

Father Sky,

Brother Wind,

Teach me to fly…

Carry me to Love’s Bright Shore

I am not frightened, anymore.

Mother Earth,

Father Sky,

Sister Sea, please carry me…

Far away…

To Love’s Bright Shore…

They can’t hurt me, anymore…


4 thoughts on “For them

    • Yes, they were. But their innocence was taken from them long ago. This is what I don’t get about serial killers who kill prostitutes. There are no mentally or emotionally healthy prostitutes, they are disturbed, broken, innocents. How is it that the killers of women like this (and men as the case may be) can justify to themselves harming these people who, if anything, have suffered in ways so much like they themselves have? Maybe thats it. Maybe thats the point. Maybe they are trying to destroy themselves by proxy, because they remind them too much of their own vulnerabilities.

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