Disorganized Offenders

The work of a disorganized offender is usually pretty evident.  Disorganized offender crimes are usually very chaotic, unplanned, intense, and often have bizarre elements involved in them.  When I think of a disorganized offender I automatically think of Richard Trenton Chase.  Richard Trenton Chase (also referred to as the Vampire of Sacramento) was a textbook disorganized killer.  He was so disorganized, in fact, that he practically left a blood trail straight back to his apartment.  He did not try to clean up or cover up anything, no attempts at preventing detection at all.  Chase was a severely mentally ill man who had been institutionalized on more than one occasion, his schizophrenia often initiating severely bizarre paranoid delusions and behaviors (such as that someone had stolen his pulmonary artery and the fact that he killed rabbits and injected their blood into himself and killed animals and ate their flesh raw).  Add on top of this the fact that he began to abuse drugs and alcohol at a very early age, which exacerbated his psychoses, and you have a recipe for disaster.   That disaster hit when Chase became obsessed with the delusion that his blood was turning to powder, and he imagined that in order to save himself he needed to ingest blood of humans.  He killed six people within a month, men, women, children, in horrendous manners and vilely desecrating some of them after death in acts of necrophilia, cannibalism, and post offense abdominal mutilations of the two women that he raped post-mortem.  Chase also had pathological focus on bodily functions and I will leave it at that.  It did not take long for him to be caught and it usually never does with disorganized killers of this type.  


Disorganized crime scenes and disorganized offenses can be the result of something other than a mentally ill offender.  Two of the major categories that could produce disorganized crimes and crime scenes are a) ones in which drugs are involved, and/or b) ones in which there is a sort of “temporary insanity” involved in the passion of the moment, usually involving others with whom the offender has had a deep relationship and feels there is some great betrayal that just makes them lose their mind; or in protection of someone of which the offender has a deep relationship.




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