Just to clarify, I am no profiler

Just for clarification, I am not a profiler.  I am merely someone fascinated with human behavior, particularly criminology, who also happens to have a brain saturated with tons of data on serial offenders, unsolved murders, serial killings both solved and unsolved, and data on the offenders themselves.  I do have knowledge gained from years of education and degrees in psychology, but that does not make someone a profiler.  I do, additionally, have real experience with sociopathic behaviors, but that does not make someone a profiler either.  To be a profiler you have to have experience like John Douglas, Robert Ressler, Park Dietz, Candace Delong, Katherine Ramsland, etc.  I do not have those years of experience.  I study the behavior, the crimes, the profiling process, but that does not make me a profiler.  

I heard a quote once that I can’t remember the origin of right now but truly applies:

“Don’t be humble, you really aren’t that great.”

I am not trying to be humble, because I am not that great LOL.  But I do try to do what I can do to analyze cases with the lexicon and knowledge I do have.  That has to count for something I think.  At least I am trying to do something.


5 thoughts on “Just to clarify, I am no profiler

  1. Although we disagree in points here and there, your insight on things is great. I am glad you are blogging about this case and others. I will eagerly read each one. And just to show an example of our disagreements… I truly feel we are all great, and therefor NEED to be humble. But as you see, we may disagree, both points are valuable and actually lead to the same sort of conclusion, a same sort of truth if you will. Blog on MDRice, your openness is greatly needed in a place where everyone seems to be so My Way Or Your The Killer…

  2. Thank you, zero. I am the first to say even though I have my opinions and thoughts, I could be 100% wrong and would be glad of it in any situation. I just want justice for the victims, that really is all I want. I don’t care who is right about the semantics. And I truly believe that the key to helping with these cases, including LISK, is to keep dialogue open. I know my blog is very elementary compared to yours, but at least I am trying. =]

  3. I just love that you are so ‘real’…never a problem when we agree to disagree. A true collaborator, so refreshing and much appreciated

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