John Douglas, Richard Walter, and the LISK

I would love to know what John Douglas thinks about the LISK.  Mr. Douglas is retired now I reckon, but he used to be a criminal profiler in the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit.  In fact, he was one of the first ever anywhere.  I have always been fascinated with the forensic psychology/criminal psychology aspects of behavior and, truly, just behavior in general–particularly motivations, so it was a natural progression for me to be drawn to profiling and, hence, profilers and the FBI Behavioral Science Unit.  I have read tons of information and research from many different icons in the field of Criminal Psychology and profiling, and even from different personages within the Behavioral Science Unit and I just have to say that John Douglas’s work is the most fascinating to me because he truly lived within the monster.  He has something extra, does Mr. Douglas.  He has an instinct that goes beyond just sterile profiling and criminal analysis.  He seems to know not only how to read the offenders from their behaviors, but how to truly invade their psyche and their surreal world enough to know how to get to them when others can’t.  Additionally, Douglas is originally from Long Island so he would have additional knowledge that others just would not have.  I would have loved to have seen Douglas interview Kuklinski but I thoroughly understand why he didnt and why Park Dietz did.  I am not undermining Park Dietz, he is a genius in his own right, but I think that Douglas has a different aura about him than Dietz and his no-bullshit approach would have put Kuklinski up at arms and maybe even provoked a violent reaction.  I really do wish that he would get involved in the LISK case, if he isn’t already.

I would also be interested in Richard Walter’s opinions on the LISK.  I don’t know much about his work or his process (apparently he does not like to write things down much) but from what I have seen and heard in interviews in relation to his work with the Vidocq society, Walter’s knowledge in criminal behavior psychology is profound.


2 thoughts on “John Douglas, Richard Walter, and the LISK

  1. Douglas is a hero of mine too…i believe he wrote “Whoever fights Monsters”, one of the first books i read by him…Ill have to check out Richard Walter’s

    I remember you felt douglas missed the mark on the Ramsey murder…love to see a post on that case. We spoke about the older brother…fascianting

    • Richard Walters doesn’t write much, he is a very interesting fellow and is of the opinion that not too much of what profilers do should be so easily available in written form. There are some interviews on youtube with him though.

      About Douglas and the Ramsey case, well, linda, it is true that I disagree with the conclusions that Douglas has drawn on the Ramsey case (and a couple of other cases) but, even though I do have opinions based on serious research and analyzation, I can’t really say that Douglas is wrong. I can only say I have a differing view. He is, afterall, one of the most successful criminal profilers in the world, and I am just me.

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