Long Island Serial Killer

My thoughts on the LISK are not in line with common opinions.  Firstly, many people (official and non-official) are coming from the position that all the bodies found on Long Island are from the work of one offender.  I am of the opinion that this is not so.  I am convinced that there are at least two offenders that comprise all those bodies, maybe more.   The older dismemberments I feel are one offender, the four girls at Gilgo I feel are one offender, and the Asian male and the child I just am not sure about.  I do not think that Shannan Gilbert was purposefully killed by anyone, serial killer or no.  I have seen nothing in any of the facts related to Shannan’s disappearance and tragic death that points to anything other than an accidental death most probably related to stimulant overdose.  I also do not think that the LISK (as I have defined him) is the same offender who killed the prostitutes from Atlantic City area found in Egg Harbor Township.

What I do believe about the LISK is the following:

He is not a serial killer per se, but an assassin type, meaning:  It is my belief that the LISK wanted these girls dead and he made him them dead.  I do not even pretend to know why.  Serial killers do not want their victims dead.  Though this is a common false belief.  Serial killers do not want their victims dead, death is just a side effect of getting what they do want.

I think that the LISK is very similar to someone like Israel Keyes, who did not consider himself a serial killer.

I think that the LISK is either a pilot or flies a lot, is former military or has had paramilitary training, and follows a strict diet and exercise regimen most of the time.  Also, even though guns were not used in these deaths, I would assume this offender would probably have a love of firearms and probably owns several that he has customized to his liking.

I think that in concerning the calls made to one of the victims’ sister, either a) the calls were not made by the killer, or b) the calls were purposefully done in a focused act of staging to mislead officials.

It is my opinion that there just are way too many inconsistencies for this to be a “simple” serial killer.


6 thoughts on “Long Island Serial Killer

  1. Victimology
    The key to solving any homicide is largely weighted in victimology. In the LISK case, there are four victims, listed here in order of disappearance:

    Maureen Brainerd-Barnes, normal place of residence Norwich, Conn.,
    Melissa Barthelemy, normal place of residence Bronx, NY,
    Megan Waterman, normal place of residence South Portland, Maine,
    Amber Lynn Costello, normal place of residence North Babylon, NY,

  2. Amber Lynn Costello was born Overstreet in NC in 1983, she has a sister Kimberly Overstreet who is six years older than her (and openly admits to both being a prostitute and getting Amber into the profession), Amber was married first to Michael Wilhelm of NC then divorced him, and then she married Donald Costello. Amber was a very troubled woman and a heroin addict. She spent time in NC, Florida, and NY. At the time of her death Amber had a roommate and lived in North Babylon, NY, just a few miles away from where the girls were found at Gilgo. Her roommate says the last time he saw her she was walking away for a call though she didn’t often do outcalls. According to police records, Amber was 4’10-5’1 (records vary) and weighed 100 pounds, had green eyes and brown hair, and had several tattoos, one of “kaos” on her neck and one of a butterfly (unknown location), and one of “Margaret” (her mother’s name) (unknown location). Last seen September 2010. Mother died in 2004 or 2005, father died in 2013. Sometimes worked under name Carolina.

    Melissa Barthelemy was born in 1984-85 in NY (Buffalo), two sisters and a brother, trained as a beautician. Lived in the Bronx at the time of her death. Melissa was 4’10 with hazel eyes and dyed blonde hair. Had the name “Blaze” tattooed on her upper back (a boyfriend’s nickname). Sometimes used the name “Chloe” as her working name and sometimes worked for James Bond Entertainment escort agency. Had two sisters and a brother. Last seen July 12, 2009.

    Maureen Brainard-Barnes was born either Maureen Senecal or Maureen Ducharme in 1982 in Conn. (Her marriage record to Jason Brainard-Barnes says Ducharme but her father is listed as Senecal in her obituary) She was 4’11 and weighed around 105 pounds. She had two children at her death. Tattoos: gray and black lillies (unknown location), a red rose (unknown location), and the name “Nicolette” (her daughter’s name) (unknown location). She worked previously at the Foxwood’s Resort and Casino as a dealer. She had a brother (deceased) and one full sister and one half-sister. Last seen July 2007.

    Megan Waterman was born in Maine in 1988. Megan was 5’5 and around 145 pounds. She had one brother and four sisters. She had one child, a daughter named Lily. Boyfriend Akeem Kruz suspected of getting her into prostitution and a known drug dealer. Last seen June 6, 2010. Tattoos: Upper left arm–name “Liette” Lower left arm Capricorn symbol. Lower back tribal design with heart in center. Dyed blonde hair, brown eyes (may have advertised as having blue eyes as she apparently wore colored contacts). Worked under the name Lexi at times.

  3. Amber

    I have no personal stake in any of this matter. I do not know any of the players in the various and sundry dramas in LI, nor do I have any contacts or relationships with any of the victims or suspects. However, I do have to say that I do have a soft spot for Amber Costello. This poor girl was victimized from the time she was just a child. Her life is just one long victimization. I do not find it surprising that she was a heroin addict. In fact, the only thing I really find surprising is that she didn’t become a killer herself. Instead, however, like so many women, she became a perpetual victim–allowing others to abuse and use her until she was eventually destroyed. At the time her body was found, Amber had been missing for over three months…and no one had reported her missing. Not her boyfriend, not her roommate, not her sister, all who knew she was missing. I found that to be one of the saddest things I had ever heard.

  4. If you haven’t already, you may want to read ‘Lost Girls’…no sluething of the case, more so a study in the socioeconomic/emotional reasons these young women turned to prostitution. Its quite heartbreaking.

  5. Happy New Year to you to linda!!!!!!!
    And the lost girls book is on my to do list, just havent gotten to it yet. I have so many projects going on right now and am reading so much other stuff that its really kind of impossible right now.
    What did you think about it?
    As far as accuracy?

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