Long Island dismemberment older murders

These murders could be one offender, or they could be separate offenders of the ilk of one of the many serial offenders in this area over the years who favored dismemberment.  I am of the opinion that these bodies were not all placed where they were found but ended up clustered near each other through erosion and flooding over the years.  Any or all of these could be previously identified offender victims that are not known about.  In an interview for A and E Biography, Joel Rifkin was asked if there were more victims of his that no one knew about, if there were more bodies–and Joel Rifkin said:  “There are always more bodies.”

I think that this is a very profound statement and probably the most honest one that Mr. Rifkin ever spoke.  I do not believe that serial killers will ever tell anyone all of their victims and there were so many from the NY area who dismembered as part of their ritual that I honestly wonder if these will ever be solved.  


4 thoughts on “Long Island dismemberment older murders

  1. Can you imagine both these serials killers working withing miles of me..one of Shulmans victims was found in a dumpster within blocks of where i lived at the time…its almost like LI breeds them!!

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